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We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place and the trees in and around our village play a big part in making the parish of Theydon Bois so attractive. We have many different varieties of trees in people’s gardens, in the streets and in the fields around the village.

Theydon Bois Green Oak Tree
Landmark Oak Tree on the Village Green

It is not by accident that we have so many lovely trees around our village streets. In 2003, the Community TreeTheydon Bois Tree Strategy Strategy for Theydon Bois was created, involving the Rural Preservation Society, the Parish Council, EFDC, the City of London (as managers of Epping Forest) and many others, and a plan was created for the village to manage our existing trees and plant new ones. Volunteers since then have been involved on a regular basis in various action plans to implement this long standing tree strategy, a copy of which was delivered to every home in the village in 2003 and is now available on the village as a pdf from the link below.

The 2003 Community Tree Strategy for Theydon Bois is an assessment of the trees, hedgerows and woods of the parish in their historic, physical, social and cultural context, with guidelines for their future management. It was prepared by Epping Forest District Council, with Theydon Bois Parish Council, Theydon Bois Rural Preservation Society,the Theydon Bois Tree Wardens, and The Corporation of London: Conservators of Epping Forest.

This 2003 Community Tree Strategy for Theydon Bois is respectfully dedicated to the past and present tree wardens of the parish: John Conroy, Bob Day, Robin Llewellyn Jones and Jane Turner, and to John Plume, all of whom gave generously and selflessly of their time and energy for the good of their community, but in particular to the late Ernest Crouch, whose enthusiasm, wisdom and guidance were invaluable to the early stages of the project and who will remain an inspiration to those who knew him.

The present volunteer tree wardens Robert Levene, Jane Turner and Sue Warren are now looking to refresh the action plan and to have a substantial number of additional street trees planted during 2014/15/16 and in a plan going forward for the next few years.

Download the 2003 Tree Strategy for Theydon Bois pdf

Tree Preservation Order Map:

EFDC have produced a new map showing trees in and around Theydon Bois Parish that have had tree Preservation Orders applied to them as of March 2015.

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is a legal order made by the local planning authority (LPA).  When applied it is, except in special circumstances, for example if it has become particularly dangerous, illegal for anyone to damage or to fell a protected tree without first having been given consent.  The same restriction even applies to pruning. 

EFDC choose to protect trees, often on development sites, where they are under threat and which they judge to be important local assets.  In the TPO preserved trees are shown as individuals or in groups, areas or woodlands. The map is available to download as a pdf here.

New Tree Preservation Orders

If you know of trees or a wood that are important in your area and under threat you are invited to contact EFDC and explain why.  They aim to investigate all requests, although they will give priority to those trees which seem to be the most important, or where the threat is most urgent.  Please be aware that if the Forestry Commission has given aid under a forestry grant scheme, a TPO may only be made with their permission.  Restrictions also apply to our ability to make TPO's on Crown Land.  

TPO's will come into effect immediately.  There is a period of 28 days for objections or to express support.  They have then to be confirmed within a total of six months, having first carefully considered any objections.   A TPO may be confirmed unchanged, confirmed in a modified form, or not confirmed at all.  In that case it will have no effect from then on.  As part of making the TPO we write to the owner and other interested parties, enclosing a copy of the order and explaining the right to object.  

Telephone: 01992 564452