Village SignTheydon Bois Parish Council

Councillor & Staff Contact Details

Parish Office, The Village Hall, Coppice Row, Essex  CM16 7ER
Telephone/Facsimile: 01992 813442   

The Acting Parish Clerk or Assistant Parish Clerk are normally available weekday mornings at the Village Hall. The Parish Office will officially be open Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. until 12.00 M/D..

At other times, or if the clerk is out of the office, messages can be left on the answer phone,
No. 01992 813442. Faxes can also be sent to the same number.

Parish & District Councillors
Elizabeth Burn

Elizabeth Burn
43 Dukes Avenue
CM16 7HQ
Tel: 01992 815726

Andrew Crook
Andrew Crook
35A Theydon Park Road
CM16 7LR
Mobile: 0772 476 3925
Peter Gooch
Peter Gooch
(Parish Council
Vice Chairman
41 Blackacre Road
CM16 7LT 
Tel: 01992 812908/815228
Mike Hannibal
Michael Hannibal
'Ashwood' The Weind,
CM16 7HP 
Tel: 01992
Cllr. George Howard

George Howard
16 Thrifts Mead
CM16 7NF
Tel: 01992 812685

cllr John Philip
John Philip 
(Parish Council Chairman)
28 Woodland Way
CM16 7DZ 
Tel: 01992 812473
Also our District Councillor
Cllr. Rob Phillips

Rob Phillips
54 Morgan Crescent
CM16 7DX
Mobile: 07736280057


Anthony Purkiss
Anthony Purkiss
'The Birches'
Loughton Lane
CM16 7JZ 
Tel: 01992 813515
Cllr. Annie Wood
Annie Wood
15 Avenue Road
CM16 7JJ
Tel: 01992 611948
District Councillor
Sue Jones

Susan Jones
'The Drummonds'
Sidney Road
CM16 7DT 
Tel: 01992 814548
Our 2nd District Councillor

Parish Council Staff

Caroline Carroll Parish Clerk
Parish Clerk
Caroline Carroll

Assistant to Parish Clerk
Sarah Shirley

      Fiona Dodd     
 Cemetery: Burial Clerk
E-mail: Fiona Dodd
61 Woburn Avenue,Theydon Bois, Essex CM167JT
Tel: 01992 814029

Village Hall Staff
Hall Manager; Frank Bell   07758720929
Bookings;  Tracey Dunstan  01992 815150
Key Holders; Roy Coombs & Sid Tear 07548 732076

Parish Office: Telephone/Facsimile: 01992 813442   E-mail: