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19th July 2021 Village Hall Covid Guidance Update:

From the above date the Government have moved to Stage 4 of the Covid-19 Regulations. This means most legal restrictions have now been removed. As a result of this change the Village Hall is now fully open again for bookings and the previous mandatory restrictions have been removed. Covid Cases remain high though, are still rising and everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious.

Our recommendation is while using the the hall that you should still, so as to minimise risk at this time of high prevalence, limit any very close contact in the hall with those you do not usually live with. As attendance numbers will no longer be restricted other than to comply with fire regulations we also suggest people continue to wear face masks inside the hall. We in particular suggest this prevenative measure for large meetings and at all times in the Foyer area where groups cross and that is also used as a waiting area for those attending the daytime NHS Eye Clinic.

Village Groups and parties using the hall may also wish to offer their own further recommendations and guidance. If in doubt about future meetings you normally attend please check with the event organisers.

UK Government Covid General Guidance From 19th July 2021

For further information on using our hall please check with the Bookings Manager:
or telephone 077754 72177

Theydon Bois Village Hall

The Village Hall is a modern purpose-built hall, opened in 2001, pleasantly situated opposite the village green in the heart of Theydon Bois, on Coppice Row, CM16 7ER.  It has rooms to suit many occasions with a patio at the rear onto a large grassed area.  There is a large landscaped car park for 80 cars, including six disabled parking bays.
Many people within the village and surrounding areas use the hall, many are members of village organisations that are affiliated to the Village Association which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the hall.  The hall is very popular for meetings, concerts, charity events (such as Quiz Evenings), wedding receptions, children’s parties and all family celebrations.
A list of some of the groups using the hall is shown on the Clubs & Societies Page

Hall Bookings

For all hire enquiries contact the Bookings Manager
or telephone 077754 72177 (NB. from Jan. 2020 - this is the new & only number for bookings and inquiries)

Main Hall & Foyer Set Out For A Wedding Reception
Foyer Oak Main Hall Beech & Poplar Combined

There are various rooms available to suit all social occasions or meetings – large or small.  The capacity numbers depend on the seating arrangements, whether it is theatre style or around tables. The hall offers a Bar area, a well fitted Kitchen, Projection facilities, Hearing Loop, Stage and Stage Lights and Wifi.

Main Hall (Oak) accommodates  180
Beech Room accommodates        50
Poplar Room accommodates      30
(The Beech and Poplar Rooms can be combined to make one large room)
Note all the above room numbers may still be subject to change depending on the Covid Guidance in place.

Also, at the rear of the hall are two multi-purpose rooms currently used by a Montessori Nursery.

Sessions are 9am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm, 7pm – 11pm

All these rooms are available to hire and a range of rates apply (residents and Group Members are able to hire the hall at reduced rates).  Contact the Bookings Manager.

Click here for an outline guide to present hire charges.  
For more detailed information or a specific quote please contact our
Bookings Manager: e-mail:
or telephone 077754 72177

Village Hall Staff

Hall Manager, Frank Bell 0208 502 5014

Bookings Manager, Angela McCutcheon 077754 72177 or e-mail:

Caretaker, Rob Linge 07936 555 672

Village Association - Village Hall Staff:
Frank Bell

Hall Manager: Frank Bell, who runs the Hall on a daily basis, reporting to the Executive Committee. He has been with the Association since 2006.

Bookings Manager: Angela McCutcheon has recently joined the Association and has now taken over the duties as our Bookings Manager from 1st September 2021. She works from home and is responsible for taking all bookings via telephone and e-mail, issuing confirmations and invoicing. 

Rob Linge
Caretaker & Night Cleaner: Rob Linge joined in June 2008 and is responsible for security of the hall, opening and closing throughout the day as usage demands
Assistant Caretaker: Ralph Bickers is the newest member of the village Hall team joining in September 2018. He is responsible for duties in the absence of Rob Linge. He will also be involved in the movement of chairs and tables as requested and required by users of the hall.
Lorraine Gould
Day Cleaner: Lorraine Gould joined in September 2006 and is in the hall from 7.30am and on call other times, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for hall users.
Linda Catlin
Day & Night Cleaner: Linda Catlin, in addition to her daytime cleaning duties, also works in the early hours after major party events have finished.  Linda joined in June 2008.

Theydon Bois Village Association

The Village Association was formed in 1943 and is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission Registration (No: 1,158,821). Its objective is to provide facilities for recreation and leisure for the local community. The Village Association is responsible for the maintenance and management of the hall and staff. It is run by a committee of twelve Trustees which include three Honorary Officers and a representative from the Parish Council.

Membership is open to all residents of Theydon Bois and Group Membership is available to groups or societies operating within the village (see Membership Application Form link below). Group Members nominate a representative to attend Meetings.

Theydon Bois Village Association Membership Application Form

For more information on the Village Association please contact the Honorary Secretary Linda Blake: e-mail:

Trustee Committee 2021/2022:




Philip Simmance


01992 813732


Hon. Treasurer


Tony Lloyd


01992 814125


Hon. Secretary

Linda Blake


07803 855885


Parish Council Nominated


Peter Gooch


01992 812685




Tony Ames


01992 813950




Diane Gillespie






Graham James


01992 812250




Will Morris





Martin Oliver


01992 812042




Marion Smith


01992 812287




Linda Tilling


01992 812027




Jim Watts


01992 812027


The Old Village Hall
Architects Drawing
The Current Village Hall

In days gone by, the centre of village life revolved around the Church which acted as provider and mentor for all activities required by its parishioners; life was hard and opportunities for recreation limited.

Many people, however, formed groups within the village and met at various locations.  There was the Working Men’s Club, The Retreats, a hut at Theydon Lodge, the barn at Thrifts Farm, the room above the telephone exchange – and even an army hut adjacent to St Mary’s Church.  All served a purpose, but a Centre was required.  It was therefore decided to set up a Village Association which duly held its inaugural meeting in September 1943.  This was, of course, during the war when nerves and tempers were somewhat frayed and when the provision of a Village Hall was broached it was the beginning of a long and stormy path before it reached fruition.

A Village Hall Committee was set up and the search for a site commenced.  The old Fire Station was pressed into service for a time and eventually premises at the entrance to the Cricket Field, on land owned by Colonel Buxton, became the hub of village activities.  Both Colonel Buxton and his sister were very supportive and Keith de Maus and Douglas Gray worked tirelessly.

The hall was used until 1966 when a new Village Hall was built on the Glebe Field purchased from the Church.  Since then Theydon Bois and the surrounding area has grown immeasurably and we are very fortunate in continuing to have a strong sense of community – and the Village Hall is a large part of village life.

The old Village Hall served its community faithfully and continued to grow in popularity, but it was beginning to show its age, costing more and more to maintain and with over forty organisations using it regularly, car parking became inadequate.

A committee was set up in 1994 of four representatives from the Village Association and five from the Parish Council to explore the possibilities of enhancing, enlarging or rebuilding.  After public meetings, during which vociferous differences of opinion were expressed, feasibility studies undertaken and much professional advice sought, it was finally agreed to go for a new build. 

The building of a new Village Hall does not just happen and over the many years a vast amount of time was freely and voluntarily given by a large number of people.  The Village Association, with the help and support of the Parish Council, finally achieved a new Village Hall which was opened in 2001.

To see photographs of the construction of the current hall and pictures of the old hall Click here.

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