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7th October 2021:Theydon Bois Drama Society Present California Suite:

Tickets Available Now from

7th October 2021: Quiz Night In Aid Of St. Clares Hospice:

10th September 2021: TB&DRPS AGM and Talk on 8th October:

10th September 2021: Village News September 2021 Issue:

The eptember 2021 Issue of Village News will be arriving back from our printers soon and thanks to our volunteer distributors we should able to circulate it to all village households quite shortly. The Online version is now available here.

26th August 2021: Antiques Fair At Village Hall:

26th August 2021: The Parish Councils Outline Objection To The Mobile Mast Application:

Please see the article immediately below. The Parish Council have now added there own comments and outlined their objections in an article on the Parish Council Website here.

20th August 2021: Villager Residents Turn Out In Number To Object To Mobile Mast Application:

Last nights Parish Council Planning Meeting saw one of its highest attendances when many villages attended to voice their objections to a Prior Approval Planning Application registered at EFDC by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd for a 15 metre high 5G Mobile Phone Mast to be sited immediately in front of the Village Primary School in Orchard Drive. This would be much higher than any surrounding buildings and despite claims it would tower above any screening from nearby trees.

The intention by the company is to try to get their application approved under Permitted Development Rules and if this allowed as Permitted Development there can be no further objections to the proposal. Because of this Cllr. Peter Gooch outlined the limited range of objections that will be considered by EFDC in Planning terms at this Prior Approval stage. Because of present Government Guidance that there is no health risk this will not be considered as an objection by EFDC. Peter then opened the meeting up to residents for their views.

Representatives from both Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society and Theydon Bois Action Group raised strong objections to the visual impact that this proposal would have on the rural nature of our village, the street scene and the loss of amenity value to the residents of Orchard Drive and the children attending the school. The mast would be visible from a considerable distance both from on the Village Green and from people's gardens in the surrounding roads. The associated control boxes would likely cause congestion problems along the pavement when parents are dropping their children at the school both on foot and by car. They both will both be sending strong objections to EFDC.

A number of residents living in Orchard Drive added to the objections on how this would impact on them and a representative from the school pointed out that the developer had implied that there was no objection from them. This was not the case and the the schjool will also be raising a strong objection to this application.

Cllr. Gooch then allowed the Planning Committee councillors present to have their say. It was unanimously agreed by the councillors that the Parish Council will also raise a strong objection to this Prior Approval Application with EFDC. Cllr. Gooch also suggested that as many villagers of can should also raise an objection "In Their Own Words" with EFDC.

The details of this Application number EPF/2151/21 are linked here and comments are allowed until 1st September 2021. You can write to EFDC, add your comments on-line via the above link or Direct LINK HERE or EMail EFDC with your objection at:

Please make sure you include your details to ensure your objections are valid.

23rd July 2021: Primary School Wildflower Meadow Now In Full Flower

The June Issue of Village News (page 26) had an article on the planting of a Wildflower Meadow at Theydon Bois Primary School to create a friendly habitat for our declining bee population and also to give another outdoor learning opportunity for the children. 800 square meters of grassland in the school grounds were prepared and ploughed with the help of Dave Priest and Robert Levene. Parents and the PTA bought seeds and the children were involved in the planting. Not much was expected in the first year, but all involved were surprised at how beautiful this large display of flowers looks after only a few months and it is already attracted visits from many bees. The school is now considering adding a couple of bee hives at near the meadow later in the year.

11th July 2021: Theydon & Abridge Jazz Club Has Reopened:

The Popular Theydon & Abridge Jazz Club has now reopened at Abridge Village and meets Every Other Tuesday Afternoon from 2.00pm - 4.30pm. program from June to September as below. See our Club Details Page for more information and links or contact Dave and Sheila Dyer.

26th June 2021: Village Association Job Vacancy:

(12th July 2021) This Vacancy has now been filled.

(12th July 2021) This Vacancy has now been filled.

24th June 2021: Donkey Derby Day Alternatives Date Changes:

The Jumble Trail that was note in Village News as being on 13th June is now going to be on July 11th - the date the Donkey Derby was going to be on. There will not be any refreshments at the scout hut sadly because of the continuing restrictions but people are being asked to set out their stalls outside their houses from 2pm to 5pm on the day. If they email me beforehand I can put their house on a map which will get displayed on Face-book etc a couple of days before.

16th June 2021: Village Hall Delays Full Opening As Covid Restrictions Remain in Place:

Following yesterdays proposal by the Government to now extend current Covid-19 restrictions beyond 21st June for 4 weeks until 19th July the Village Hall is now unable to extend the opening of our faculties from the limited access that was made available since the 17th May. For details see the Village Hall Page.

Government Community Facilities Restrictions remain as 17th May

Latest Covid Government Guidance

8th June 2021: Village News June 2021 Issue:

The June 2021 Issue of Village News will be arriving back from our printers soon and thanks to our volunteer distributors we should able to circulate it to all village households quite shortly. The Online version is now available here.

5th Jun 2021: Play In The Park Comes To The Village Green:

18th May 2021: Epping Forest Car Parking Charges (First Phase) Introduced:

It is recommend that if you wish to park in any of the Car Parks listed below that you download the 'RingGo App' in advance if you have this facility.
Codes are:-

Centre Road - 36100
Alexandra Lake - 36101
Jubilee Pond - 36102
Whipps Cross - Hollow Ponds 36103
Whipps Cross - Boat Hire 36104
Snaresbrook Road - Eagle Pond 36105
Bury Road - 36106
Caddy hut/Chingford Golf Course - 36107
Connaught Water - 36108
Barn Hoppitt - 36109
Connaught Tennis Club - 36110
High Beach -(you can pay by card on arrival if you do not have/use the app at this area only) - Pillow Mounds 36111
High Beech - General Ride 36112
High Beach - Rushy Plain 36113
High Beech - Wellington Hill 36114

The Cost is dependent on time purchased, e.g. £2.50 for one hour, £2.50 for 1 to 2 hours, £4 for 2 to 4 hours up to a maximum of £6 for 4 to 6 hours, or you can order an annual season ticket (code 36115) for £150. 

You can see on the App how busy each car park is & if you wish pay before arrival, using a credit card/debit card etc, which you can input each time or have the app "remember" it.

You can also remember multiple car registration numbers 

You can also use "call to park" on 0203 046 0010

This is the same App as is used for most of the street parking meters/Car parks in the area.

Link to The City Of London Website:-

15th May 2021: Theydon Bois Parish Council AGM:

The meeting will take place in the Oak Room at the Village Hall next Tuesday 18th May at 19.00.

If you are intending to come to the meeting, please also note the precautions to be undertaken with respect to the wearing of face coverings, hand sanitizer and social distancing. Hand sanitizer is available in the foyer of the Village Hall. Please see the top of the Agenda with regard booking with the parish Clerk if you wish to attend.

Agenda for Parish Council AGM (pdf).

10th May 2021: EFDC District & Essex Council Election Results for Theydon Bois:

The Conservatives retained both the District and Essex County Council seats for Theydon Bois.

John Philip was re-elected for our District Council seat with 60% of the vote.

Election Candidate Party Votes %
John Philip Conservative 881 60% Elected
Clive Amos Liberal Democrat 512 35% Not elected
Peter Pendle Labour 84 6% Not elected

Link to Full Theydon District Council Results

Holly Whitbread was elected as the Essex County Councillor for Epping & Theydon Bois with 50% of the vote.

Election Candidate Party Votes %
Holly Whitbread Conservative 2909 50% Elected
Jon Whitehouse Liberal Democrat 2459 42% Not elected
Simon Bullough Labour 439 8% Not elected

Link to Full Epping & Theydon County Council Results

Roger Hirst Conservative was elected as Essex County the Essex Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex.

Link to Full Results

There was no need for an Election of Parish Councilors in Theydon Bois this time. See 15th April entry below.

21st April 2021: Lake Zürich & London Marathon Charity Runs Support Preservation Society Youth Engagement Program and Honour Bob Day:

Bob Day Bob Day Memorial Tree Planting

Many Villagers will remember life long village resident Bob Day who was actively involved in many initiatives to enhance our village life. Bob was one of the fundamental Village Association Committee members who oversaw the construction of our new village hall and he was also past president of Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society. Bob died from lung cancer 6 years ago and a tree was planted at the Village Hall in his honour.

On Sunday 25th April two of Bob's grandchildren, twins Lydia and Henry Maher will be running charity marathons in different parts of the world on their 26th birthday to commemorate their grand father. Lydia will be running around Lake Zürich in Switzerland where she now lives and Henry will run his from London ending at his grandfathers grave. They would like to continue Bob's commitment to our village and its preservation by fundraising money for the Preservation Society, specifically for their new youth engagement initiative.

Bob's daughter Nicola Maher who lives in Theydon, is a secondary school Governor, primary school Special Educational Needs Coordinator as well as Committee member of the Rural Preservation Society, will be coordinating these efforts on the ground. Some ideas of the sorts of initiatives this scheme will allow are: 'Green Shoots' for youth members, which will focus on supporting young people to understand and value their local environment, so that they can be guardians of the future. This will include youth environmental education camps, youth walks through the forest, information packs and other events.

If you would like to remember Bob and support his grand children's charity marathons Lydia has set up a 'Just Giving funding Page' where you can find a bit more information and make a donation.

Bob Day's Memories of Theydon Bois are in Village News Issues 83 (Page 14), 85 (Page 8) and 86 (page 12) that are available from our: Newsletters Page here.

Preservation Society Page.

15th April 2021: Theydon Bois Parish, District & Essex County Council Elections:

The Election of councillors representing Theydon Bois is due to take place on Thursday 6th May from 7am to 10.00pm and the venue for voting is St. Mary's Church Hall if you have not decided to use a postal vote.

There will be no need to vote for our Parish Councillors as this was a non contested election as only 9 nominations were received for the 11 councillor places. A list of of our elected Parish Councillors is to linked below.

District Council (Epping & Theydon Bois):
Number of County Councillors to be elected: 1

  • Peter Jack Duke Pendle– Labour
  • John Morrison Philip – Conservative
  • Clive Ewart Amos – Liberal Democrat

Essex County Council (Epping & Theydon Bois):
Number of County Councillors to be elected: 1

  • Simon Bullough - Labour
  • Holly Whitbread - Conservative
  • Jon Whitehouse - Liberal Democrat

These Parish Councillors were elected for Theydon Bois in a non contested election as can be seen in this pdf:

Former Parish Councillors John Philip and Beverly Soutar did not stand for re-election this time.

15th April 2021: St. Mary's Church To Hold A Special Commemorative Service For HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh:

The churches of the Theydon Parishes will be holding  a special service to commemorate the life of Philip Duke of Edinburgh.  The service will take place on Friday16th April online via Zoom due to the current Coronavirus restrictions.  The reflective service will include readings, hymns, anthems and prayers and last around 45 minutes. This service will take place as a Zoom Meeting. You can use the following codes to access the meeting if you have Zoom installed:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 822 9027 9068
Passcode: 244717

Further details and full links to the Zoom Meeting are on the Theydon Parishes Benifice Website

Theydon Bois Parish Council Condolences Page

Members of the public wishing to express their own condolences are encouraged to send a message to the Royal Family via the online Book of Condolence at

16th March 2021: View From The Vicarage (St. Mary's Church Updates and Easter Services):

It is fitting that after a year of great disturbance, when our Church buildings have been closed more than they have been open, during Holy Week the buildings of the Theydon Parishes are reopening in full.  In the last 12 months, along with many other Christian communities, the churches have learnt new ways of worshipping and connecting with one another and with God.  But Christianity is an embodied faith, and in so many ways the experience is somehow less when not with others.  It is no accident that Jesus’ victory over death is seen through His physical appearing to the disciples, and that as the Gospel writer St Luke records people coming to believe through sitting down to eat with Jesus and the truth of the resurrection being seen when he broke bread with them.  (Luke 24.30-31).

The Christian faith grew because of the direct person experience of the first believers, whether that was seeing the empty tomb, or seeing and touching their risen Lord.  These experiences gave hope, arguably the commodity needed most in 2021.  Unfortunately, the buildings of the Theydon Parishes did not meet the requirements to be vaccination centres, but others such as Salisbury Cathedral did.  One image which spoke to me, was the word “hope” marked out in candles on the floor there.  In the same place, hope for a better future in the present, as well as hope for the world to come were profoundly expressed. 

Easter Sunday is the day when churches remember and celebrate the power of hope and life over darkness and death.  Although the services will be a little different, being spoken and not sung, the hope of new life is the same.  Jesus often speaks of the kingdom of God in terms of a seed planted in the ground, which comes to life when the time is right.  All the churches of the Benefice are taking great care to follow national guidance in order that our gathering maybe in a form which enables life and hope to take root and to grow in our communities.  That life and hope are found rooted in the personal encounters of Christian people in the past with Jesus, and in the present with the Risen Christ by the Holy Spirit.  The Easter festival celebrates the miracle that God has reconciled the world to himself, and that when all is said and done, fear can be replaced by hope that because Jesus is alive, at the end of all things we may (in the words of the hymn “Jesus lives”) go where he is gone, rest and reign with him in heaven”.
Rev John Fry

Thursday 1st April            
8pm                       Maundy Thursday Communion at St Mary’s Theydon Bois

Friday 2nd April                
10.00am               Good Friday Joint Family Service at Theydon Bois Baptist Church (To reserve a space in church please book at or streamed live at
10.30am               Good Friday Morning Worship at St Mary’s Stapleford Tawney
2.00pm “An hour at the Cross” – a meditative service at All Saints Theydon Garnon

Sunday 4th April   (Easter Day)            
8am                     Holy Communion (BCP) at St Mary’s Theydon Bois          
9.15am                 Parish Communion at All Saints Theydon Garnon
10.30am               Holy Communion at St Mary’s Theydon Bois (service held outside, weather permitting, suitable for All Ages)
10.45am               Holy Communion at St Mary’s Stapleford Tawney
6pm                     Holy Communion at St Mary’s Theydon Bois

12th February 2021: Village News March Issue Is Now Cancelled:

Sadly the impact of the second Coronavirus lockdown has impacted the planned March Edition of Village News and regretfully this has been cancelled due to the restricted activities of many of our usual contributors.

However with encouraging news of the vaccine rollout rapidly gathering pace and infection rates stabilising, it may be more or less safe to say we can glimpse the possibilities of gradually emerging from the present lockdown over the forthcoming months. We are therefore planning to publish the June edition (copy deadline 1st June) when hopefully restriction for movement and social interaction have either been lifted or ameliorated.

However we do have some good news, the Village Website is now up-and-running again after being out of action for a while due to various technical difficulties. So if you have any interesting news or information that you would like to share, this can be published on the Village Website right now or at any time going forward.

Tony Ames
Theydon Bois Village News

Jim Watts
Theydon Bois Village Website

9th February 2021: Village Association Seeks New Trustees:

The Trustee Posts Below Have Now Been Filled.
The VA thanks all of those that expressed and interest.

6th February 2021: Village News Is Now Fully Back Online:
Apologies for the lack of updates to this website over the last few months. This was caused by an 'upgrade' by our server supplier that left us unable to load updates, although the site still remained accessible. Despite multiple discussions and email exchanges with their technical support team they were unable to resolve the problem. Luckily we finally found someone with more knowledge and who was better able to help. We are pleased to say that we are now fully back on-line.

6th February 2021: December 2020 Village News:
Unfortunately the on-line version of this was delayed because of the problems with uploads to the village website, but these have now been resolved and it is now available with all our other past issues from our Newsletters Page.

30th October 2020: Playground At Theydon Halloween Competition and Display Trail:

Playground At Theydon Website link.

21st October 2020: Remembrance Sunday 2020 Arrangements:
At this point in time and subject to future restrictions it is intended that a limited Remembrance Service will take place in Theydon Bois on Sunday 8th November.

The present arrangements are that on Remembrance Sunday, at St Mary's Theydon Bois, a service will be held outside in the churchyard at 10.45am. The Vicar will conduct the whole service by the war memorial and readout names.  The choir will move to sing and then back to avoid obscuring the view of the memorial during the rest of the service. The grass area bordered by the path and where the ground rises in a small bank towards church is being roped off around memorial for choir spacing.

Access to the churchyard will be through the entrance from Piercing Hill only, but it will be possible to exit onto Coppice Row afterwards.  As there is limited capacity in the churchyard, please arrive in good time to find a space, and regrettably the entrance will be closed once the space is full.  Those attending are asked to maintain the correct social distancing. Uniformed groups will not be parading this year, but members are encouraged to wear uniform if attending with a parent or carer.

If you are a member of an organisation who would usually lay a wreath to honour the fallen, and would like to do so this year, please contact one of the churchwardens through the Benefice office, by email to   

Remembrance Sunday services will also be held at St Michael's Theydon Mount and at All Saints Theydon Garnon at 10.30a.m.

Government Guidelines Regarding Remembrance Services Under Covid Restrictions.

17th October 2020: Covid-19 Restrctions Update 16th October

In a move to slow the current rates of infection across our county, from 16th October 2020 Essex has been placed into the
” High” level of restrictions (Tier 2 on the new COVID system).
What does this mean?

No household mixing indoors – this includes at home or in hospitality venues.
Different households can meet outdoors in public spaces but must stick to the ‘Rule of six’.
10pm curfews will remain in place for all pubs and restaurants.
Remember hands, face and space.
Reduce travel where you can.

If we act now, we can stop the spread and protect our loved ones as we head into
the winter months.
Detailed information on the new guidelines is available here:


Voluntary Action Upping Forest (VAEF) is looking for a Trustee Treasurer to manage the charity’s financial affairs and work with the Board to help steer the organisation through challenging times.

The Treasurer should have experience in finance (ideally a practicing or retired accountant), as well as the ability to communicate financial information to those who may have little or no financial background.  The charity will also be looking for somebody that can oversee and ensure that the financial affairs of VAEF are conducted within legal requirements, accounting conventions and good practice.  Strong problem-solving skills would also be an asset.

The new Treasurer will work as part of a team with the appointed auditor, the Board of Trustees, Chief Officer and Finance Officer and play an important role in promoting and sustaining the financial viability, growth and development of VAEF.  The Board meets every six weeks – virtually at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

Voluntary Action Epping Forest (VAEF) provides advice, information and development support to the community, including gardening and handyman services, benefit support for the housebound, home safety and befriending.  Local voluntary groups are also assisted with fund raising, volunteer recruitment and regular information.  Adults with learning disabilities are supported with a range of activities and independent living skills. The charity is also involved in a number of new and exciting projects such as digital learning for older people.

For more information on the role, please contact Maggie Gilchrist on or look on

15th September 2020: September 2020 Village News For Website:

The September 2020 Edition of Village News is now available Online to download from here. We are awaiting the return of this edition from our printers and hope to be able to distribute the printed version around the Village soon thanks to the continued support of our volunteer distributors.

15th September 2020: Village Hall Has Reopened and Extended Availability Under Latest Government Covid Guidelines:

The Village Hall has, of course, been largely closed since the middle of March, except for the Montessori School that was able to open up for a few weeks with a reduced number of children. The Trustees took the opportunity to give the Hall a thorough clean, together with redecoration and a new carpet in the foyer.

Considerable time and effort has now gone into in ensuring that all of the Latest Government Regulations and Guidelines as of the 14th September (yesterday) are met and this has enabled us to further extend the opening of the hall. During July and August the hall was made available for a few groups who have wished to use it, this was quite successful and we are now well prepared for wider use from September onwards. We confident that we are providing a safe and secure environment. Users must comply with all the Covid-19 mitigation measures we have put inn place and it may not be possible to open for every activity. There is also some reduction in the number of people allowed per room to ensure sufficient social distancing can be maintained.

We do though look forward to welcoming our member groups throughout the coming months and hopefully gradually returning to some sort of normality.

For more information on changes and to make bookings see the Village Hall Page.

15th September 2020: Village Association Change Of Secretary After 15 Years Service:

Carol James (left) & Linda Blake (right)

After some 14 or 15 years as Honorary Secretary of the Village Association, Carol James has decided to retire. Throughout that time she has been a tower of strength and very much at the forefront both in the administration of the Association and in ensuring that the Hall has continued to provide an attractive and inviting environment at the heart of the village. Carol will now have more time to attend to her beautiful garden so, in appreciation of her enormous contribution over so many years, the Trustees made a suitable presentation at their latest Trustees Meeting that took place yesterday.

We are pleased to report that we have already welcomed a replacement for Carol as Secretary. Linda Blake who is also a recent co-opted addition to the Parish Council, has agreed to take on the role and we look forward to her involvement with our team.

The Village Association also has seen the recent retirement of Sheila Shelborne from the Trustees Committee, again this is after many years of dedicated service. The Trustees are now looking to find some 'new young blood' to join the committee. This is a very friendly team of volunteers that oversee the important job of running the Village Hall. If you would like more information or just a friendly chat about the role then in the first instance email the Chairman, Martin Oliver:

15th September 2020: Allotments Go From Strength To Strength During Covid Lock-down:

The benefits of growing your own and the value of the allotments to the village has been really demonstrated during the recent lock-down as so many people have benefited from being able to work their plots. Just a couple of years ago there were many empty plots, we now have all of the 60+ plots on the site in full use with the last ten available plots being let this year, most since the Covid-19lock-down. There is now a waiting list of six further applicants.

Over the last couple of years, the allotment site has undergone some major improvements some of which have been reported in previous newsletters. An innovative and long running scheme at Theydon, of splitting allotments into various sizes to help people only take the size plot they want, has further helped improve the popularity during recent times. One of the biggest things we have seen is a big change in the age profile of those enjoying growing their own produce. After the adverts in the Village News and the promotions and spread of knowledge at the Primary School, about half the plots now are taken by families, with several generations regularly seen at the site from the youngest children right through to some of the oldest villagers. It shows how people of all ages have come to appreciate the enjoyment to be had from growing your own food, fresh air, exercise, as well as the friendly and helpful atmosphere, particularly in these difficult times.

New Plots On The Allotments
New Plot With Shed Anthony Purkiss (left) & Robert Levene (right)

I recently counted over 60 different fruit and vegetables being grown and maybe if space allows in a future issue, we can tell you about some of the successes and failures over the year. We are now fortunate that longstanding allotments parish councillor Anthony Purkiss has been joined by councillor Beverly Soutar, who together with our parish clerks and site volunteers have formed a wonderful team to take the site forward. There are still jobs to do and improvements to be made, but despite there being a waiting list there are always, for various reasons, people coming and going, so if you're interested it is well worth your while to contact the parish office and add your name to the list. The cost of a plot is only £45 per year and all the fees are invested in the site. Some villagers will also not know that the allotments is also the site of our community orchard featuring old varieties of Essex fruit trees each of which was sponsored by a local family or group, with currently our pre-school also taking an interest (the children do enjoy the fruit).

It is always good to report such a success story, especially in these challenging times.

Allotment holder for 10 years

23rd June 2020: Trustees Wanted. Can You Help An Important Local Charity:

We provide advice and information to about 3,000 clients each year on a wide range of subjects, including employment, housing, Universal Credit and other benefits and financial issues. Currently our advice is by telephone. Pre-Covid19 we also provided face to face appointments. We are now developing our remote service to broaden our accessibility within the Epping Forest district and want to expand our outreach services. Most of the work is done by a team of volunteers with support from a small number of paid staff.

We are looking for people who want to make a difference in their local community, to join our Trustee Board to help us oversee and develop this much-needed service. Trustees with a wide range of skills and experience are needed to ensure we retain a diverse Board. If you have financial or accounting, marketing or PR skills we would be particularly interested. The minimum time commitment is attendance at our four Board meetings each year. Although the post of Trustee is unpaid it will provide you with a wealth of new experiences and great satisfaction.

For further information contact Alison McBrayne, Trustee,

12th June 2020: Theydon Bois Village Association Need A New Secretary:

This Vancancy has now been filled. Thank you to all those that applied.

12th June 2020: Theydon's Trees Need Your Help:
We may have recently had a few days of rain, but the ground around the trees in our verges is still very dry and our trees are suffering from the lack of water please try to help a tree near you.

18th May 2020: Theydon Bois Village News Wiil Not Be Published In June:
In consultation with the Parish Council, the decision has been made that the June edition of Theydon Bois Village News will not be published.

While the actual collating of the articles is not a problem, without doubt the actual content of the publication would be substantially reduced due to the restrictions of social activity. The printing co-ordination process would be difficult and certainly it would be irresponsible of us to ask volunteers to distribute the magazines during these uncertain times. We hope to publish the autumn edition due out in September when, hopefully, restrictions for movement and social interaction have either been lifted or ameliorated.  As far as our sponsors and advertisers are concerned, if they have paid for 2 editions as usual, we will credit them with the number of editions cancelled.

There are some people who don’t use social media or websites so perhaps this message could be passed on as appropriate Rest assured that when restrictions for movement and business are lifted, we’ll be right back and raring to go. Watch this space!

18th May 2020: Theydon Bois Golf Club Reopens For Members Golf Rounds:
On Wednesday 13th May Theydon Bois Golf Course was opened to members although with restrictions in order to comply with the permitted format for groupings. Photo taken on Thursday 14th below shows Village News Editor Tony Ames on the first tee getting ready to launch a golf ball to celebrate.

15th May 2020: The Story Behind The Planned But Cancelled VE Day Celebrations:
The stage was set, the weather was glorious and the detailed preparations had been largely complete, but still it was not to be. One of the many casualties of the COVID 19 crisis was the grand celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day) in Theydon Bois as all around the country.

Mr Rall had kindly given permission for the event to be held on the Primary School field from 1pm – 10pm on Saturday 9th May and the Parish Council and Village Association were generously underwriting the running costs. There was to be a main stage, with many acts from professional headliners to small local dance groups and everything in between. It was to be a day for all the family from the children who were being encouraged to paint a picture or write a story about the war to the World War II veterans who had pre-recorded their memories of that splendid day on 8th May 1945.

We had got so far as a double-page spread in the March edition of Village News, but shortly after this, and just before going to print on leaflets and posters that were to be distributed around the village, it became obvious that the event was not going to be able to go ahead and, with heavy hearts, we pulled the plug.

The organizing had involved many different people from around the village. To the original trio of Phil Simmance, Peter Gooch and John Powell - who started the ball rolling back in the summer of 2019 - Phil Hughes and Julian Bishop were quickly added for their technical expertise around sound, lighting and event production, as well as Jen Endean, Bev Soutar and Wendy Mitchell to make our committee complete. Paul Elliott had kindly done a lot of the artwork, and many others had already helped, or were planning to do so on the weekend itself. Local businesses were also involved with Quality and Excellence to run a BBQ, and The Bar People (Jake Lee) to run a bar. Face painting by Wendy Hayward, and games, were to be offered for the kids, as well as a helter-skelter, and fancy dress was being encouraged, if not required! Even the weather turned out to be on our side, but still it was not to be, and our village celebrations of this momentous day took a slightly different turn, but were fun nonetheless!

13th May 2020: A Few More Village 75th Anniversary VE Day Celebration Photos:

The above photos were taken in Blackacre Road by Phil Simmance.

12th May 2020: Photos Of The 75th Anniversary of VE Day Celebrations In Theydon:
Although it was disappointing that the planned celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day could not go ahead, especially given the amount of time and effort put in by the VE Day Committee, the Covid-19 outbreak did not completely ruin the day for our adaptable villagers. Many had followed the VE Day Committee's suggestion and decorated their homes for the day in red, white and blue, with Union Jacks and other national flags.

Families also celebrated in their front gardens, within talking (and singing) distance, but at the required 'Social Distancing' from their neighbours.

There is a gallery of photos taken around some of our village streets by Jim Watts here: VE Day 75th Anniversary Photos. Click the thumbnails on the linked page to see and scroll through the full size photos. They are best viewed on a large screen (I-Pad / Computer) rather than on a phone.

And below is a slide show of photos taken in Hill Road by Tony Ames:

5th May 2020: Village 75th Anniversary of VE Day Celebrations - Make You Own Bunting:
Further below you will see our Village VE Celebrations Committee suggestions for how to celebrate this anniversary now our village event has had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 outbreak and the required social distancing measures. So if you want to decorate your house for the occasion as suggested the the BBC has some information and templates for making your own bunting. Could be a nice lockdown distraction and it would be good to see a number of Theydon's homes displaying Red, White and Blue on the day.

BBC Bunting Link

5th May 2020: Parish Council Meetings Under Government Social Distancing Regulations:
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak meetings of the Parish Council will now take place via video conferencing until further notice. The Parish Council has already held a couple of Planning Committee Meetings via video conferencing and the Full Council Meeting on 30th April was also held using the Zoom Software App. For details of future on-line meetings and the Agendas see the Parish Council Website:

In the future it is hoped that all these meetings will be open to members of the public who wish to participate via Video Conferencing with 'Zoom'. At the present time you can submit for consideration written comments regarding Planning Agendas and Applications or you can register to speak on an Application via the video conferencing link by directly emailing the Planning Clerk by 17:00 on the day prior to the meeting. For all other inquiries please email the Parish Clerk.

4th May 2020: Village 75th Anniversary of VE Day Celebration Rearrangements To Comply With Covid-19 Regulations:

Pleas note the information poster below from the VE Day Celebrations Committee has now been updated to the latest timetable information.

6th April 2020: Coronavirus - Covid-19 Local News Update:
Latest Information Links, Emails and Helplines:

For up to date information
To check your symptoms
Health guidance
(We are asked to avoid calling 111 unless we can’t get the information we need on the website)
For local information

Epping Forest District Council 01992 564088
VAEF (Voluntary Action Epping Forest)
Nextdoor A forum offering advice on everything in your area

For picking up shopping, medication, posting letters, a friendly phone call.
Chigwell Coronavirus Volunteers 020 8500 2527 or 07973 166940
Loughton COVID-19 (facebook)
Loughton, Epping, Ongar & Surroundings Covid-19
Epping St John’s Revd Lee Batson 01992 561517
Loughton St John’s Revd Chris Davies

Are you someone who needs to be shielding?
If you are one of the people who need to shield you should be contacted by the NHS or your GP surgery
starting from the week commencing Monday 30 March. The message will set out the instructions for
those people who do not have the support of friends, families and neighbours to register with the Essex
Welfare Service (EWS) (part of PROVIDE, a health and social care provider) should you need food

Essex Welfare Service 0300 303 9988
For those people who are not able to get any support from either family or friends or from their local
district area support groups.

3rd April 2020: Coronavirus And Ultimate Social Distancing On Theydon Pond:

Bev Soutar sent has us this great photo of a Cormorant
Social Distancing on the Village Pond.

1st April 2020: Coronavirus - Covid-19 Local News Update:
Cllr. Peter Gooch and John Eaton who organise the Monthly Litter Picks have said that due to the Covid-19 situation these are cancelled until further notice. The Litter Pickers are a great group of volunteers who work hard to keep our village clean and tidy by finding the litter in the places not discovered by our street cleaners. Much of this rubbish can be found on the approach roads to our village and is a result of inconsiderate drivers throwing their rubbish out from car windows. John said "Hopefully there will not be as much rubbish around especially on the approach roads, given the much reduced density of traffic and walkers, but in any case I think it is important to be seen to be complying with the government guidelines/regulations".

The Village Association has cancelled their AGM that was due to take place on 28th April due to the current situation.

25th March 2020: Theydon's 75 Anniversary VE Day Celebrations Now Postponed:
Unfortunately as noted below this event that was due to take place on the Primary School field on Saturday 9th May has now had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus situation. Lots of planning and hard work by our Parish Council and many volunteers had already been put in so lets hope that all their efforts can be revived at a later date. In the meantime many may remember the 50th Anniversary Celebrations around the country in 1995. So in the true British tradition of a stiff upper lip in a crises and hoping for better times have a look at the then 78 year old (now 103) youthful looking Dame Vera Lynn recalling war time-memories and VE Day


24th March 2020: Coronavirus - Covid-19 Local News Update:
Chairman of our Parish Council, Peter Gooch has kindly supplied a further update with regard to Parish Council Meetings and how Parish Council Business will be conducted during the present situation:

"All Parish Council Meetings have been postponed until further notice. We have been waiting for advice and guidance to filter down from NALC as to how we should be proceeding with any urgent business or decisions that should be made. We have received confirmation today that video conferencing / audio conferencing is now being allowed to make any decisions which need to be made. We will be making arrangements to set up a conferencing facility this week."

Peter further confirms that the VE Day Celebrations planned for the 9th May have now been postponed. The Parish Council will update their own website with information today:

23rd March 2020: Coronavirus - Covid-19 Local News Update:
Nearly all meetings and events in our Village have now been cancelled and the Pubs and Restaurants are now closed. Our shops remain open, but people using them are asked to behave sensibly and only buy what they need and respect the Government 'Social Distancing Guidelines' as far as possible while using them.

It is unclear at this stage whether or not the VE Day celebrations planned for the 9th of May will go ahead. It seems unlikely and as far as we are aware there has been no Government advice on this so far.

The Preservation society has cancelled this years subscription collection and the early part of it's walks and events program. It is not printing it's annual Newsletter for distribution with the subscription collection, but it is now available from their web page HERE along with the current status of future walks and events.

Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex and Cllr David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council:
Statement on Coronavirus

EFDC FAQ Page on the Coronaavirus:

18th March 2020: Coronavirus - Covid-19 Local News and Information:

As you will already have noted many events and meetings in and around the village have been or are in the process of being cancelled following Government Advice about Covid-19 and 'Social Distancing'. This weeks Drama Society production that usually takes place from Thursday to Saturday has now been cancelled as have the St. Mary's Church Lent Soup Lunches. The Parish Council are having further discussions that will take place in the next 5 days with respect to all Parish Council meetings, and they hope to be able to advise further on the schedule for these in due course. We will try to keep the Diary page or here updated with the latest information on events, cancellations and news.

If you have news about the Status of your Village Events will you please let us know: E-mail: Theydon News Desk

EFDC have now set up advice pages on their website to help Residents and Local Businesses at this difficult time. There is an FAQ page and you can sign up for email updates:

Take care, try to keep well and look after yourselves and any neighbours who may be in need of support.

18th March 2020: March 2020 Village News For Website:

The March 2020 Edition of Village News is now available Online to download from here.

21st January 2020: Loughton Astronomical Society Stargazing Sessions
Loughton Astronomical Society is the home of astronomy in West Essex and they meet on Thursday evenings between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. in the Scout Hall, off Loughton Lane, Theydon Bois. Visitors are always welcome, no need to call just turn up.

During February and March the Society are holding three free Public Stargazing Sessions where you can join members of the LAS in an observing session. "With warm refreshments". If you want to learn more or just fill an evening then come along. Try one of these observing evenings and look through the telescopes.

All of the Stargazing Sessions start at 6.30pm and all are on Saturday's; 15th & 29th February and 14th March 2020.

More details about LAS are on their website:

21st January 2020: Limes Medical Centre Presentation:

There will be a presentation by Debbie Bodhanya Practice Manager in association with the Parish Council at the Village Hall on Wednesday 29th January at 7.30pm. This will be a good opertunity for villagers to come along and find out what is happenning at the practice.

1st January 2020: December Village News For Website:

The December 2019 Edition of Village News is now available online to download from here.

Please contact us with your Latest News. E-mail: Theydon News Desk .
or send copy to the Village Office.

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