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Crime Spree:Summer's here, the kids are at home & what do you do with them? It's hot, there's no breeze, and so every window in the house is open in an attempt to stay cool.
That probably puts most people into a relaxed frame of mind, thoughts of barbeques, cool drinks & lazing in the back garden.
It's worth knowing now that there are some people out there that see this time of year as the ideal time to commit crime.
Open windows mean open opportunities, easy access to your property. Think about it, we lock up at night; we set alarms, we lock cars. In the summer, at times, it seems just too hot to bother.
Well be bothered please, Theydon Bois has experienced 6 house burglaries since the 18th July.
In the majority the houses have been entered by small open downstairs windows, in addition the houses have been on the West side of Theydon Bois.
I believe that the person responsible may be walking, or cycling, the area looking for opportunities.
The descriptions given to police of two people disturbed at one of the burgled properties suggests that they were both white males, aged 20 - 30 yrs. One of them was about 5ft 8" tall with a local/London accent, was of medium build and had close cropped hair.
If you see anybody around your area that you are not happy about call the police on 01992 561212. Put us into a position to be able to check these people over. Remember police are on duty 24 hours a day & 7 says a week.
Remember never leave downstairs rooms vulnerable, when at home or when you go out.
P.C. 1297 Alan Shelley (01279 625512)

Neighbourhood Watch Report: Recently, I have received several calls from villagers worried about being contacted by telephone from firms saying that Representatives will be in the area the next day, and offering to pay a visit to examine or advise on fire and/or crime prevention precautions.
Whilst I have no knowledge of any crime having been committed, I have heard of people being persuaded to part with large sums of money in exchange for unsuitable products. If you do deal with security firms do make sure that they are reputable and registered. Please be aware that neither the police nor the fire service 'tout' for business. It is up to you, the householder to contact the appropriate authority for advice if needed, and you can contact our Crime Prevention Officer, Tony Ellis at Epping Police station who will be pleased to help.
A few wise precautions are:-
1. Aviod telling unknown telephone callers anything about yourself.
2. If the person claims to have misdialled and asks for your number, do not give it.
3. If you have reason to be worried by a phone call, contact the Police.
4. NEVER, EVER tell the caller of your movements each day (it has been done).

Whilst on the subject of telephones, not a lot of people know that you can stop unsolicited phone calls from firms selling everything from windows to insurance.
It is called the Telephone Preference Service, and registration is free.
Those who want to block cold callers should simply phone 0845 070 0707. Refer to page 1:4 in the Telephone Directory.
Companies which flout this service will be fined by the Data Protection Registrar.
Copies of the 2003/2004 Harlow Divisional Policing Plan are now available from me or Epping Police station.
The plan gives the policing objectives for the next year, and also information about the staffing of the Division.

On a more personal note, I still require volunteers from Slade End to deliver the Neighbourhood Watch letter, twice a year. Not too onerous a task, especially if two or more people apply.

Caroline Law - Neighbourhood Watch
01992 813905

For The Latest Neighbourhood Watch report from
Chris Catton at the Beatmobile Click Here


Essex Police - Special Constables: Through a new initiative Harlow Command Team will undertake that priority will be given to any Special Constable recruited through their local community, to provide regular partrols and a high visibility presence within that community. A Special Constable dedicated to the Village would know what the problems were, who was causing them and when they occurred. Dealing with local issues, there may even be several people in the village who would like to provide this service to the community on a joint basis. An applicant would have to measure up to the recruitment standards of the Special Constabulary, but if you are public spirited enough to assist the Police in providing additional local policing in Theydon Bois please contact the Parish Clerk on 01992 813442


A number of you have had problems buying used vehicles recently so this is mainly to help and assist you. DVLA have warned motorists to be on the look out for stolen vehicle registration documents when buying a car and issued descriptions of stolen documents known to be in circulation. The warning follows police investigations that have identified some V5 documents being used to accompany stolen vehicles that have had their identity changed to match that of a legitimate vehicle. This practice is known as cloning. The cloned vehicles are then sold on to unsuspecting members of the public who suffer significant losses when their vehicles are confiscated by the police. Although police investigations are continuing, indications are that there are at least several hundred of these documents in circulation. DVLA is therefore warning motorists to look out for :

(a) Registration documents that bear the prefix AP in their serial number (at the top left hand corner of the document) and fall within the following ranges: AP 8022601 to AP 8024400,
AP 9424801 to AP 9426600, AP 9430201 to AP 9432000, AP 9435601 to AP 9437400,
AP 9448201 to AP 9450000. In some cases the document reference number at the bottom right hand corner of the form may be missing .

(b) Registration documents that bear the prefix AN and fall within the range: AN 8854201 to AN 8859600.

These are faulty documents which, on close examination, will bear a serial number in slightly lighter print than the rest of the document. The serial number may also be out of alignment. These serial numbers were duplicated by the printer after the faulty batch was rejected and so there will also be genuine registration documents in circulation bearing these numbers.
Stolen documents from both the above categories will not incorporate the usual "ghost printing" security feature. This is printed under the registration number and validation character and alongside details of the vehicle identification number (VIN), engine number and cylinder capacity. If you wish to check whether a document is genuine prior to the purchase of a vehicle then you should ring DVLA's helpline on 0870 241 1878 .

Here are some practical steps that should be taken 1) Always have sight of the registration document V5 prior to buying. 2) Be satisfied that the seller owns the vehicle or is entitled to sell it 3) Ask for proof of identity 4) View the vehicle at the address shown on the registration document 5) Check the VIN number 6) If you do not have knowledge of vehicles take someone with you who does or use the AA/RAC. Be very wary of handing cash to someone who has been contacted through a mobile phone number 7) Check if the vehicle has been damaged, notified as stolen or is subject to outstanding finance. The following companies provide this service for a fee. Carwatch UK Limited (Vehicle History Check) 0870 010 7899; Experian (Car Data Check) 0870-6000-838 and HPI Ltd 01722-422-422.

Late on the evening of Friday August 1st 2003, a road collision occurred at Wyatts Green Rd, Brentwood, resulting in serious injury. The vehicle responsible for the RTA is believed to be a Blue Ford P100 pickup which will have front-end damage. The vehicle drove off after the collision. If you can help can you let me know please.

You may recall that a number of you were complaining about parcel deliveries. Companies delivering parcels simply left them on the dorrstep advertising the fact that you were not at home. I have made various internally enquiries but it would appear that as a police force we do put pressure on companies through general advice and if we have a number of complaints regarding certain companies we will make contact with them and ask them to change their policies. Unfortunately we have no power to make them do this and quite often the person we have contact with will try to make changes, but it is very difficult to get the message through to all workers at large companies. I am not saying that they could not do more, because I think most of them could do a lot more in terms of staff awareness and reprimands for incorrect procedure, but we are not in a position to MAKE this happen. These firms tend to only recognise money related issues so until people stop using them because they are posing a crime risk, it will carry on happening I fear. However, if this remains a problem for you and if you have the name of the company and telephone number I will contact them and have a go!!

Time-share has recently become a problem again. One couple had a message left on their answer machine making them aware that they had won a holiday. A Reference number and phone number was supplied. It was a trick, like the scratch card prizes, it is a holiday for one etc. It was easy to sort out but it did bring back memories of the phone call scam. You may recall the incident? A female knocks at your door, "My car has broken down, can I use your phone to call my husband at work?" No problem with this, she is alone and needing help. You let her in and stand beside her whilst she makes the call. Her husband is in as meeting and has to be called out. She explains her problem to him, she agrees with his advice and then she thanks you for the use of the phone and leaves. The call took about five minutes. The problem here was, (and many people got caught out with this scam), she had hired a business line from BT and all calls directed to that line cost about £50-£100 a minute. So when you received BT's statement/bill, you have a very heavy price to pay for that moment of weakness. The people who replied to the Time-Share message could easily have been caught up in this as well had this scam been used. It's a wicked world out there. You don't get anything for nothing. Ignore them.

We have had problems yet again with Bogus Officials and artifice burglaries. On this occasion the property owner found these people in her house, she managed to removed them and then found out her handbag was missing as well. Only difference this time was that both of these were females.

Don't forget, this weather is the burglar's favourite. You leave doors and windows open, even at night-time. You must take care.

There is a new face on the bus, Kirsty. It is planned that the Beatmobile will be used in the evenings as well. No details on when or where have been made as yet but Kirsty is the second driver who will run on opposite shifts to me when this is launched. Meanwhile, she is watching me and learning who is who. Smile at her, she is unusual as well, not only has she Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award but she also plays midfield in a female football team. If you ask her nicely she might even tell you the story of the Electric Fence!!

Chris Caten
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111
E-mail: - Chris Catton
Mobile - 07715771603

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