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Caroline Law's Theydon Bois Neighbourhood Watch Report

Reported Crime Figures for Theydon Bois, for the month of August,2003, are as follows:

Burglaries from Dwellings---------------------------------------10
Burglaries from Sheds, Garages etc------------------------ 4
Thefts of Motor Vehicles------------------------------------------3
Thefts from Motor Vehicles--------------------------------------2
Criminal Damage to Property-----------------------------------3

Since all of these figures appear to be rising significantly, I urge you all to be especially diligent with regard to your home security.
I have a number of leaflets on Crime Prevention / Security, which you may find useful, or alternatively, our Crime Prevention Officer, Tony Ellis will visit upon request.
He can be contacted at Epping Police Station, telephone number 01279--625525.


One or two people have requested information on the way that cycles are carried on vehicles.
The two main concerns are ;
1 The Index Plates at the rear of the vehicle should not be covered by the cycles ---- this is illegal.

2 If you carry cycles on your vehicle, then you should inform your Insurance Company ------ if you don"t and one falls off and causes an accident, it may well
invalidate your Insurance.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of Neighbourhood Watch, please do give me a ring on the telephone number below

Caroline Law

01992 813905

(Monday 22nd September - Friday 3rd October)

You will recall that I have mentioned, on many occasions, about leaving your motor vehicle's engine running whilst popping into the newsagents, grocers etc. Well, recently I saw a young lady drive up to her local newsagents in her fairly new vehicle. She drove onto the shop's forecourt left the car door open with the engine running and ran into the shop. She was in there some time and I decided to educate her!! I explained to her about problems we were having with teams of car thieves who pray on people just like her. Do you know what she said? She turned round and said, "Yes I know, my husband has just had his stolen. He left it outside a shop with the engine running. I suppose I ought to know better but I am in a hurry".

I shall be at the Blake Hall Craft Show Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September along with The Mobile Police Station. I shall be involved in Wildlife issues along with various displays. I shall, of course be there if you wish to meet up and generally discuss other problems. Hope to see you there.

We will also be 'Dog Chipping' over the weekend. If you have a dog that needs tagging - bring it along.
Epping Green venue has not had a caller for ages so as from 10th October the venue changes to Coopersale Village Hall. The times remain the same as Epping Green's.

Many of you get upset over untaxed vehicles in your street. There is a helpline number where you can anonymously report these owners (I will print that when I obtain it) but meanwhile you can either e-mail the details or in writing to DVLA Office at Chelmsford. You need to include The Registration Mark (Index Number), Location of the vehicle, make/model colour and the user/owner if known.

There are various operations set for this wonderful evening. Some shops are even refusing to sell flour and eggs over that period. If you have a problem then report it to 01279-641212 (Harlow Police Station). The operator will put you through to Control Room.

Can I again just make you aware that this vehicle attends thirty villages in a two-week cycle. It operates 8-4 Monday to Friday. Many of you are now leaving reports of crime on my mobile phone's answer machine. I have even had reports of on-going crime on it. PLEASE - there is little I can do until I arrive for work in the morning. I am more than willing to help then but when your vehicle is being damaged by a group of drunks at midnight there is little I can do then and that is just one example. Please - Use the 999 system.
Chris Caten
CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111
E-mail: - Chris Caten
Mobile - 07715771603

Rural Police Unit
BeatMobile Visits

The next visits of the Beatmobile to Theydon Bois are on Thursday 25th & Thursday September 9th October from 10.00am - 12.00am


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Last Up Dated: 28th Sept. 2003