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Theydon Bois is a village to the north east of London in the county of Essex, England. The origins of the village date back to Anglo-Saxon times.

Our village is on the edge of Epping Forest which is to the north west and on the other sides is bordered by farmland, the nearest towns are Epping & Loughton. There are about 1600 homes in the village with a small street of shops and a station on the Central Line underground network providing direct connections to the City of London.

Besides a primary school there is a village hall providing a range of community activities, a church hall, two churches and a number of pubs & restaurants all grouped round a large village green.

Our village facilities, the proximity to the beautiful Epping Forest and the fact that we are on the 'tube' make Theydon Bois a great place to visit for a 'day in the country'. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Avenue of Trees 1907
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Theydon Bois Village News (our Village Magazine) and Theydon Bois Village Website work together as the Theydon News Desk to provide our Parish Council with an information outlet. Both website and magazine also publish Community Information, News, Photographs and Details of Events in our village and the surrounding countryside

The Village News Magazine is distributed to all the homes in our village four times a year (in March, June, Sept, & Dec.) but copies are also available as PDF's from this site
. Both Village News & Village Website are editorially independent of the Parish Council, but remain very grateful to them for their ongoing encouragement and administrative support.The Parish Council manage the finances of Theydon News Desk for the committee, but thanks to the work of all our volunteers and the very generous support of our sponsors Theydon Bois Village News and Website run at no cost to the Parish Council or village rate payers.

The editors try to give fair and balanced coverage to all the views and opinions of community members, but these opinions of are not necessarily the opinion of the editors. The editors welcome and encourage contributions relevant to Theydon Bois, but reserve the right to refuse or amend any content intended for publication.

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